AudioScape V-Comp v1.0.3 Regged [WIN+MAC]


AudioScape V-Comp v1.0.3

Introducing The AudioScape V-Comp Plugin
This Vari-Mu Compressor carries all of the weight and density you’d expect, while imparting an insanely musical compression and color that comes from the 7 onboard tubes, and Iron transformer built into the original hardware!

Working directly with AudioScape we’ve stayed true to their philosophy of more-real-than-recreated by making this plugin nearly a doppelganger of the hardware offering.

Profoundly Musical Compression
To highlight the lovely saturation the V-Comp is capable of, we’ve added a 4th option to the existing Single, Double and Triple modes. “Bypass”, as the name implies, completely bypasses the compression section of the circuit while still running through the all-tube signal path and big, fat transformers!

The V-Comp has a very gentle knee, which is to be expected from it’s vari-mu design, and allows for incredibly natural sounding compression on most sources.


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