Embertone Joshua Bell Violin v1.1 KONTAKT


Embertone Joshua Bell Violin v1.1 KONTAKT

• Virtual Violin made for Kontakt 5 Player
• Performed by the legendary violinist
• The tone of a priceless Stradivarius
• 12+ true legato styles
• Flexible performance modes

True Legato like you’ve never heard
We recorded every possible note-to-note transition throughout of the range of Joshua’s Stradivarius… in 12 different styles. Bow Change, Slur, Portamento, with different speeds and dynamics. When playing melodies you hear an actual performance!

The Sound of a Virtuoso
The sound is what separates Joshua Bell from the rest – it’s what makes him one of the most sought after classical musicians in the world.
Every sample Mr. Bell recorded was a performance imbued with his artistry and finesse.

Make it Your Own
We created an articulation assignment system that lets you tailor-make the instrument to the performance style you prefer.
Keyswitching, CC’s, Aftertouch, Velocity, Playing Speed, Pitch Bend, and more… it’s all available for you to personalize!

Intuitive Performance
There’s an entire page of humanization controls that allow you to alter tuning based on speed, interval and attack, as well as a bow/slur switching system that will let you sound amazing with very little effort. Take a look at the INTUITION page to see what other controls let you customize your sound.

Natural + Modeled Vibrato
We recorded full sets of vib and non-vib performances, so that you can choose what you want. The nature vibrato is incredible… it’s an integral part of Mr. Bell’s tone.
But if you want to control vibrato yourself, we’ve integrated our scripted vibrato into the instrument.

Standard + Unique Articulations
Legato, sustains, staccato, spiccato, tremolos, trills, harmonics… we recorded everything you’d expect from a solo violin.
But we also captured an incredible set of ricochets, super-flautando sustains, tasto + ponticello sustains, and even true-legato harmonics (bows, slurs and portamento)

Pristine Sound
We spared no expense with the recording… We recorded at the former Avatar Studios (now owned by Berklee), bringing award-winning engineer Richard King to lead the sessions. The room was the perfect space for us because it gave the sound enough space to flourish without coloring the sound without unnecessary reflections.

Compatible with Kontakt Player 5.6.8+ or Kontakt Full 5.4.1+**
This is a Kontakt Player instrument, meaning that you do not need to own the full version of Kontakt to use it! It will run as a plug-in instrument in any VST/AU/RTAS/AAX compatible host program or DAW, such as Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Reaper, Pro-Tools, Sonar, etc. No extra purchase needed!

**Kontakt Full/Player 5.6.8+ is required to load the instrument in the library tab of Kontakt. If you are running an older version of Kontakt, we have made a special legacy patch for Kontakt FULL 5.4.1+. The legacy instrument is identical except that it cannot be loaded into the library tab (on the left side of Kontakt).


Portamento Speed Control
Change the speed of Portamento samples in real-time based on user-selected control input via the Control Preset editor. See Settings page for new controls.Legato Accent
New Control element for playing accented legatos.Portamento Override
New Intuition automation for automatically triggering Portamento samples during slower playing.Rebow Control
You can now configure how to trigger instant re-bows during a held sustain, in the Control Preset Editor.

Mono Mic Mode
New option in the Settings page for switching between stereo/mono mics.

Sample/Misc. Enhancements
– Improved Sul Pont releases
– Increased default instrument volume to 0db
– Added Limiter to protect against loud peaking in certain situations
– Reduced Harsh Release volume by -2db
Control Page Improvements
– Short (Ricochet, Spic, Stac, Pizz) control elements now have “Quick Release” and “Instant” trigger options in the Control Preset editor
– “Instant” control behavior modifier option added to “Rebow” and “Rebow Emo” Control Preset elements
– Improved “Quick Release” control trigger options
– Improved Control Preset triggering within certain articulation “groups” for better expected Control results
Accessibility and Logic
– Vibrato slider now reflects “Vib Variance” Intuition automation movement
– Some graphics updated to improve visibility against darker backgrounds
Intuition Updates
– Included “attention” button on Intuition page for extra clarification
– Improved “Pitch Instability” Intuition engine


– Fixed Legato Volume Awareness engine (this ensures smooth crossfading between samples) from breaking upon loading Snapshots
– Fixed bad timings + greatly improved consistency of Portamento sample playback
Logic Issues
– Multistops now correctly trigger all notes of a given chord as Vib or NonVib depending on the “Vib/NonVib Variance” IntuitionControl Behavior
– “Poly” button setting now persists across Control Preset changes
– Fixed “Contour/Cresc/Decresc” Instant trigger behavior
– Fixed various bad samples
– Fixed Reverb preset buttons from not working
– Fixed a graphical bug that caused label bg’s to display incorrectly


Joshua.part01.rar – 910.0 MB
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Joshua.part04.rar – 910.0 MB
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Joshua.part09.rar – 570.0 MB
Joshua_Bell_Violin_1_1_Update.rar – 70.8 MB


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