GetGood Drums GGD Studio Cabs Contenders Round 1 v1.5.21-R2R


GetGood Drums GGD Studio Cabs Contenders Round 1 v1.5.21-R2R

Introducing GGD Studio Cabs: Contenders Round 1. A collection of eight incredible, huge-sounding 4×12 cabs, each famed for their unique record-ready characteristics. Featuring several different speaker types, the cabs in The Contenders Vol. 1 each have amazing and distinct voices that can revolutionize your guitar tone, while offering endless possibilities to create fresh new sounds by blending different cabinet and microphone options together.

To capture these sounds, longtime GGD friend and contributor Francesco Filigoi left no stone unturned, obsessing over the minutest of details to bring you nothing but the absolute pinnacle of engineering applied to the best-sounding cabs in the world. With such high-quality sounds and variation The Contenders Vol. 1 will become your go-to cabinet modelling solution for your guitar recordings.

All IRs captured and engineered by Francesco Filigoi

A selection of 8 of the best recording 4x12s
Seven independent channels to craft your perfect sound
All IRs phase-coherent allowing you to combine microphones with no stress
A choice of seven microphones with blendable bright and dark spectrum
Master EQ for mix-ready guitar tones
Export your unique blend of cabs and mics to use in other software and hardware

Stop scrolling endlessly through lists of files, and focus on your creativity. Let us handle the engineering.


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