Glitchmachines IDIOM WAV


Glitchmachines IDIOM WAV

Glitchmachines IDIOM WAV

Idiom is a new sample pack by sound designer Ivo Ivanov, featuring over 2,100+ unprocessed organic sounds. Idiom was designed primarily with electronic music production in mind, stepping in as a critical tool for the modern musician in need of organic recordings known to be notoriously challenging and laborious to capture. Musicians can now enjoy the same diverse sonic palette that post production and game audio engineers have used to create their most memorable material.

Idiom’s epic scale yields the ultimate sonic playground for Polygon and Cataract users. The raw, natural sounds in this pack are begging to be mangled, stretched, pitched, layered and processed.

Granulate the sounds into intricate particles or shift and layer them to design mind-blowing composite sound effects. Load them into your favorite sampler or DAW and embrace a vast resource of sonic building blocks that will empower you to reach the outer edges of your imagination.

Over the span of 36 months, Ivo captured a staggering collection of unique recordings from a broad range of locations and objects. The culmination of years worth of work, presented in a comprehensive 2.2GB pack comprised of 18 categorical folders containing a total of 2,163 24bit samples.

Not one to dwell on tradition, Ivo focused on the weirder side of the natural sonic landscape and harvested a nuanced collection of vivid material full of desirable imperfections and thought-provoking flaws. Equally balanced in quality, quantity and character, Idiom thrives on the eccentric and bizarre.

Great sound effects need great building blocks and Idiom delivers a rich collection of assets that will empower musicians to create more visceral and imaginative sounds. Each sound in nature has its own structure, fluctuation, motion, depth, flow, rhythm, articulation, cadence, tone, expression and texture.

Due to this natural complexity, processed organic sounds will yield much more nuanced, detailed and vivid results than synthetic sounds can produce on their own. Spawn alien worlds, forge seismic impacts or devise foreboding radioactive atmospheres. Every frequency is an entity. Every sound is an Idiom.

……:::::: Product Specifications ::::::……
• Format: WAVs
• 0072 x Chatter
• 0115 x Clank
• 0082 x Creak
• 0142 x Crunch
• 0072 x Field
• 0166 x Impact
• 0136 x Motor
• 0211 x Rattle
• 0077 x Resonant
• 0118 x Rock
• 0123 x Rubber
• 0176 x Scrape
• 0105 x Sizzle
• 0061 x Spring
• 0155 x Stylized
• 0068 x Tool
• 0112 x Vocal
• 0172 x Wet
• 2163 x Individual (WAVs) Files In Total
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

 (Size : 1.4 GB)

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