Sonible Bundle (macOS)

Sonible Bundle

Get the perfect tools for your workflow Trailblazing technology empowering your creativity Get yourself a smart assistants for your studio

Intelligent EQ, limiter, gate, reverb, de-esser and compressor Frequency-selective dereverberation and transient manipulation Metering plug-ins with reference options

Inside :

Sonible purecomp osx 1.0.1
Sonible pureeq osx 1.0.1
Sonible purelimit osx 1.0.1
Sonible pureunmask osx 1.0.0
Sonible pureverb osx 1.0.0
Sonible smartcomp2 osx 1.0.3
Sonible smartdeess osx 1.0.2
Sonible smarteq3 osx 1.2.4
Sonible smarteq4 osx 1.0.2
Sonible smartgate osx 1.0.1
Sonible smartlimit osx 1.1.5
Sonible smartreverb osx 1.1.4
Sonible truebalance osx 1.0.3
Sonible truelevel osx 1.0.3


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