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Just like the ancient alchemists sought to achieve magic when combining disparate elements, this EZX fuses timeless vintage charm with cutting edge electronic sound design. The result is an intricate amalgam of drums and percussion that seamlessly meshes into a kindred but sprawling collection of kits for any facet of popular music imaginable. If you’re looking for the perfect potion for your productions, this expansion for EZdrummer 3 and Superior Drummer 3 is pure pop gold.

The Alchemy of Pop EZX was recorded by JUNO Award-winning engineer/producer/mixer Hill Kourkoutis and sampled by drummer Skye Polson (Digging Roots) at the renowned Canterbury Music Company in Toronto, ON. Featuring four kits, each representing its own niche or style, as well as a broad collection of organic and electronic shakers, stomps, claps, snaps and effects curated to fit each drum set, this is an EZX that bridges the gap between several sound ideals and provides a canopy of kits covering the entire range from raw, rich, dark, earthy and open to muffled, tight and snappy.

In addition to using classic drumsticks, one kit was recorded with brushes, one with mallets and in two, the drums were extensively muffled using towels. This all combined gives you a unique palette of colorful kits for just as much the intimately acoustic as the hard-hittingly edgy.

With Kourkoutis’ bygone-inspired but future-driven production style and Polson’s deep, swampy and behind-the-beat pocket style of groove, as showcased in the included library of MIDI, this EZX will lend you a supernatural percussive fusion firmly rooted in the vintage but pushing the sound ideas of today well into the future.

If you’re looking to add some new pocket power to your pop productions, this EZX is your new go-to.

Ideal for anything from rootsy beats to pocket-driven, edgy pop
Recorded by Hill Kourkoutis, JUNO Award-winning engineer/producer/mixer
Sampled by drummer Skye Polson
Recorded at Canterbury Music Company in Toronto, ON
Four unique drum kits sampled with drumsticks
Features kit configurations sampled both as regular and damped as well as with mallets and brushes
A total of 12 unique snare drums (of which several were recorded using different tools or damping)
Includes custom electronic and acoustic one-shots curated to fit each kit
Features a MIDI library unique to this EZX (performed by sampling drummer Skye Polson)


Model: Punchy Kick
Tools: Sticks
Size: 14×26″
Brand: Ludwig*
Model: Thermogloss 1970s
Tools: Pedal (Felt)
Model: Beefy Snare
Tools: Sticks
Size: 6.5×14″
Brand: Ludwig*
Model: Supraphonic Smooth Bronze
Tools: Sticks
Size: 10×14″
Brand: Ludwig*
Model: Thermogloss 1970s
Tools: Sticks
Size: 12×15″
Brand: Ludwig*
Model: Thermogloss 1970s
Tools: Sticks
Size: 16×18″
Brand: Ludwig*
Model: Thermogloss 1970s
Tools: Sticks
Size: 14″
Brand: Zildjian*
Model: Avedis
Tools: Sticks
Size: 16″
Brand: Zildjian*
Model: Avedis Crash
Tools: Sticks
Size: 17″
Brand: Sabian*
Model: Fast Crash
Tools: Sticks
Size: 20″
Brand: Zildjian*
Model: Avedis Ride
Tools: Sticks
Model: Impact
Tools: Sticks
Model: Mega Stomp
Tools: Sticks
Model: Beefy Clap
Tools: Sticks
Model: Crash Sizzle 2
Tools: Sticks
Brand: AK
Model: Basket Ball Shaker
Tools: Sticks
Model: Ankle Bells
Tools: Sticks
Model: Layered Hooves
Tools: Sticks

Take us back to the very beginning. How did your interest in music first begin and how come you ended up behind a drum kit?
Both of my parents are musicians so, of course there would be plenty of great music in the house at all times. They noticed that I had an interest in rhythm and spent a lot of my time tapping on my thighs or making the start of beats on the dinner table. However, it was my Grandfather who gave me the push I needed and got me some lessons when I was 12 at a local music school to get me started. I was hooked ever since!

Which drummers do you think helped shape your style growing up and learning the instrument?
This is a big question and I could probably name a few dozen greats, but I think my biggest influences were Carlton Barrett from Bob Marley and the Wailers, Questlove from The Roots, Jon Bonham of course from Zeppelin, Brian Blade, Steve Jordan and last but definitely not least, Paul Brennan. Paul was the previous drummer for Digging Roots and has played with many Canadian groups like The Odds and Big Sugar. I had the absolute pleasure of shadowing Paul for many years. He was always very generous with me in sharing his secrets and I learned the vast majority of my feel from watching him. Thanks, Paul.

To you, what defines a great drummer?
I think the greatest drummers always have a really great ear. Playing to the music without ego, serving the songs and the art. That to me defines a great drummer.

If you were to describe your style of drumming, how would you put it?
This is a tough one. I am still trying to find words to describe my playing everyday. I think this is because I am always trying to learn as much as I can. So, if I would put to words right now it would probably sound something like laid-back, pocket groove, greasy drumming. Or something like that anyway.

How did you first cross paths with Hill and what was your thought when you were approached about this project?
Hill and I first got acquainted through the production of the last Digging Roots record. She toed the line with me when I was churning out drum tracks for the record and I found quickly how well we work together. She has an energy in the studio that really allows for creativity to flow. When Hill reached out to me about this project I was very honored first and foremost, that she considered me for the gig. I was stoked to get into the studio with her again.

Was sampling drums on this level of scrutiny anything like you expected?
I tried my best to approach the project with an open mind. Once the days started moving, I quickly realized that I was in for an amazing but intense ten days of work. The team’s work ethic and kindness made the process a joy and I found myself thrilled to get back into the studio everyday.

Hearing the final result and seeing the final product, what are your thoughts?
I am blown away by the tones in this pack. I think the variety of sounds and ideas that the kits inspire really drives home the vision that Hill wanted to execute here. Some real, earthy, rich and warm sounds that I think are usable in just about every genre. I am so proud of the team and of Hill for this work of art.

14 GB free disk space (plus 14 GB for download), 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended).
A working EZdrummer 3.0.6 (or above) or a Superior Drummer 3.3.6 (or above) installation.


Protected: Toontrack ALCHEMY OF POP EZX
Protected: Toontrack ALCHEMY OF POP EZX

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Published: June 14, 2024

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