Baklava Sounds Nexus Balkan Leads

Baklava Sounds Nexus Balkan Leads

Load up Nexus with 25 unique Balkan Leads ranging from aggressive, delicate and smooth Synth sounds with everything in between!

These sounds will definitely give your productions some unique Balkan flavor!

The following sounds are included in our Nexus Balkan Leads Presets

•Aggressive MOSS
•Brutish Sax
•Duck Calling
•Flexible Zurla
•Frustrated Sine
•Fuzzy Wuzzy
•Hairy Square
•Landing Square
•Pass the Butter
•Razor’s Edge
•Saw & Tooth
•Smoother Saw
•Thick Singer
•Thin Wire
•Top Sax
•Tricky Triangle
•Zippy Zurla

Please Note: reFX Nexus v4.5+ is required to play these presets.


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