Blockbuster Sound infinity Music For FILMS

Blockbuster Sound infinity Music For FILMS

“Intimate, profound sounds, enhanced with epic majesty.”

18 unique mixed orchestral tracks

Instruments on separate layers

100% royalty-free

Commercial use

Each track comes mixed and with separate instruments,

allowing for custom mix creation.

‘Infinity’ invites you on an unparalleled auditory journey that transcends the boundaries of the epic and the intimate. With each track, filmmakers are given the tools to weave a rich tapestry of feelings into their films, ensuring that every scene resonates with a beautiful and profound touch of emotion. ‘Infinity’ is not just music; it’s an endless voyage into the essence of human experience, designed to elevate your storytelling to new heights.

What is inside your Music Packs?

Our music packs are carefully curated collections that include fully mixed scores alongside individual instrument layers, known as stems. These stems provide you the flexibility to adjust the music’s mix to your liking or even craft a completely new version tailored to your project’s needs. For those specifically seeking vocal elements, our vocal packs are exclusively composed of pre-mixed vocals—without instrumental tracks. These short vocal clips are designed for easy editing, enabling you to seamlessly integrate and arrange them into custom music tracks according to your creative vision.

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