ReFX Nexus 4 Expansion Afrobeats

ReFX Nexus 4 Expansion Afrobeats

Feel the Rhythm

Ready to embrace the heartbeat of Africa? The very first Afrobeats expansion for Nexus is here!

A fusion of various musical styles, from traditional African rhythms and hip hop to dancehall, chart and funk, this one is exactly what you need to put more soul or groove into any track.

Come explore the traditional ethnic sounds, basslines, natural instruments, and rhythms that define the Afrobeats genre.

This is the ultimate tool for any producer who wants to capture the essence of this energetic and soulful musical movement.

XP Afrobeats138 presets

ARAcoustic Glow 1
ARAcoustic Glow 2
ARAfro Beats Guitar
ARBackground Melody 1
ARBackground Melody 2
ARBells Melody 1
ARBells Melody 2
ARChord Me
ARDreamy Intro
AREthio Echoes
ARFall In Love
ARIntro Melody
ARMystic Serengeti
ARPlay That Guitar
ARSine Slider
ARSunset Caress
ARWah Wah Melody
ATNature Atmos
BABig Pipe
BAChili Sauce
BADamped Analog
BADeep Donk 1
BADeep Donk 2
BADeep Sub
BAReal Bass
BAShort Slappy
BASimple Sub
BASub Line
BASub Wub
BATonka Bounce
BAVintage Bounce
BLSunny Bell
BRDeep Brass
DRBongos Menu
DRClaps Menu (8 RR)
DRDrumset 1
DRDrumset 2
DRDrumset 3
DRDrumset 4
DRDrumset 5
DRDrumset 6
DRDrumset 7
DRDrumset 7 (Tom) 8RR
DRDrumset 8
DRGuitar Drums
DRKicks Menu
DRSnares Menu
GTCoral Guitar
GTElectric Clean
GTGuitar Holiday
GTHappy Melody
GTLike A Square
GTMelodic Clean
GTSolo Wah Wah
GTSunny Guitar
GTWarm And Cozy
LDAnalog Wobble
LDBackground Chords
LDFunky Solo
LDOrange Sunlight
LDPWM Runner
LDSoft Copper
LDSoft Voice
LDVintage Basic
LDVintage Style
MAFM World
MAMarimba FM
MANote Release Fun
MAOak Resonance
MAPine Plucks
MASquare World
MASweet Wood 1
MASweet Wood 2
MAWooden Mix
MAWooden Sticks
ORSynthetic Pipes
PDSunset Waves
PDWide Stack
PLBroken Spikes
PLDance Pluck
PLSilver Waves
PLStar Heaven
PLWooden Hit
PNKeys Soul 1
PNKeys Soul 2
PNPiano Big Grand 2RR 6Vel
PNPiano Soul
PNPiano Sunny
PNRhodes Dreamy
PNRhodes FM
PNRhodes Rotary
PNRhodes Soft
PNRhodes Synth
PNRhodes Wide
SQBeach Time 95BPM
SQCome On 110BPM
SQDonk Groove 115BPM
SQGagalelo 105BPM
SQGlitch Chords 95BPM
SQSheet Metal Barrel 98BPM
SQSo In Love 115BPM
SQSun Kisses 90BPM
SQUnlimited 110BPM
SQWelcome 110BPM
SYAdditive Keys
SYAt The Sunset
SYBallad Keys
SYFall In Love
SYMellow Ray
SYSweet Home
SYSynth Keys 1
SYSynth Keys 2
VOMC Lilpin
VORenus N
WWHot Trumpet 1
WWHot Trumpet 2
WWSalty Flute
WWSunny Sax
WWSweet Flute
WWSweet Sax
WWSynth Flute
WWTable Flute

Protected: ReFX Nexus 4 Expansion Afrobeats
Protected: ReFX Nexus 4 Expansion Afrobeats

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