Impact Sound Works Rosette Mandolin KONTAKT

Impact Sound Works Rosette Mandolin KONTAKT

Although it originated in 18th century Italy, the mandolin has occupied a cherished space in American roots music for nearly a century. An iconic element of bluegrass music, it has also had an enduring presence in country, folk, Celtic and world music. Legendary rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Rod Stewart, and R.E.M. have featured it in some of their greatest hits. Our aim with Rosette Mandolin was to provide a beautifully detailed instrument that would shine not only in a bluegrass role but across a wide range of genres.

Authentic Sound and Performance
For this newest entry in our Rosette series, we turned to legendary bluegrass musician and multi-instrumentalist Ronnie Stewart, recording him at bluegrass veteran Rickey Wasson’s Kentucky studio. To achieve the ultimate in realism with our virtual mandolin, we recorded up and down strokes on every string and fret, in a broad set of articulations. These include:

Chops, the quick strums characteristic of bluegrass playing
Tap, for fast passages
Tremolo, tempo synced as well as manually controllable
Grace notes
Legato, both manual and automatic with hammer ons and pull-offs
All articulations are conveniently mapped and completely editable. The articulation set and deep sampling gives you the detail, variation, and expression to create a realistic performance and blend it smoothly with live instruments.

The powerful Rosette engine (built on Shreddage 3.5) works behind-the-scenes to make the instrument imminently playable, providing a natural and musical legato, using hammer-ons and pull-offs as needed. Conveniently mapped (and editable) key switches allow you to access the additional articulations efficiently. If you’re looking for a different tone or performance style, you can quickly run through presets to audition a wide variety of tones as well as alternative fretting and picking styles.


Protected: Impact Sound Works Rosette Mandolin KONTAKT
Protected: Impact Sound Works Rosette Mandolin KONTAKT

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Published: April 12, 2024

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