Felt Instruments Lekko KONTAKT

Felt Instruments Lekko KONTAKT

This is not your standard, polished piano plugin. Discover a small Scandinavian upright, sampled as quietly as possible with an all-tube signal path. Get charmed by a warm and intimate tone, full of little noises and imperfections that make it sound so human. If you loved Nils Frahm’s Felt, you’ll love Lekko, too.

The acoustic side is just half of the story. Get inspired by the Afterglow patches – an atmospheric collection of multi-layered cinematic textures created entirely in the analogue domain.

Pianos are personal. It took me three months to find one that would resonate with me deeply. Made for the domestic market sometime in the 1970s, this small Scandinavian upright somehow sounds… right. Especially with a thin layer of cotton placed between the hammers and strings. It’s the soft piano phenomenon pushed to the extreme.

Lekko is designed to do one thing: the softest, most fragile side of the upright possible with mechanical noises and human imperfections maxed out. And it does that like no other piano out there. Place your hands on the keyboard, close your eyes and enjoy the sound of a well-loved piano that’s as fragile as it gets.


Lekko is not only about fragile beauty. Go slow-mo thanks to a set of samples recorded to worn analogue tape and captured at half speed for a dirty, unstable mood.


When you record things at half-speed, the transients stretch out, the sound darkens, and a bit of distortion creeps in. Whether you’re into ambient, cinematic music, or hip-hop, trust me when I say this: you will love it.


The piano was deeply sampled, focusing on maintaining human expression and natural imperfections. Enjoy the organic, hyper-real feel, thanks to multiple round robins and mechanical noises.

Create an organic swirl of notes based on the chords you play with improvised, irregular tremolos. Give your track a rhythmic backdrop with characterful shorts, going from a hand-muted sound to full ringing.

The piano performed as softly as possible. And since all notes were sampled with five round-robin repetitions, you’ll get a subtly different sound every time you hit a key – just like in real life.


Constantly evolving swirls of notes. Simply put: hold a chord and enjoy the beauty that unfolds. This patch was sampled with two improvisation intensities, controlled by the velocity of your playing.

Muted Shorts

Dynamically sampled short notes, created by finger-muting the strings. As you play harder, the strings are released, and the notes are free to ring out. Use this to create interesting variations in texture and rhythm


Protected: Felt Instruments Lekko KONTAKT
Protected: Felt Instruments Lekko KONTAKT

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Published: April 12, 2024

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