Bogren Digital The Trivium Ampknob Bundle 2024.05.15 [WIN]

Bogren Digital The Trivium Ampknob Bundle 2024.05.15

The Trinity of Trivium Tones

The Trivium Ampknob Bundle includes three amp sim plugins, each covering its own specific ground — rhythm, lead, and bass guitars.

Trivium rhythm
The amp has been crafted with Matt and Corey’s ultra-precise riffing in mind and provides an extremely tight low end that never muddies up those fast chugs.

It has 3 boost mode: green, yellow, red

Two cab: modern, vintage + IR loader

IRDX: Our IRDX (Impulse Response Dynamix) technology breathes life into the guitar sound by adding dynamic and true-to-life speaker behavior to static impulse responses.

Trivium lead
The Trivium Ampknob Lead is much more than just an amplifier model. It also includes a chorus/doubler effect we call Chorey, and a delay — essential effects for great Trivium lead tones. To top it off, the effects can be used in stereo for wide, attention-grabbing sounds.

Trivium bass
The Trivium Bassknob has been designed to deliver just that. Use a bass with bright, clean bass strings and clear pickups, run it through the Trivium Bassknob plugin, and you’ll find yourself nailing Paolo’s signature tone in seconds. Is the amp too clean for you? Kick it into overdrive with the Drive button.


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