A unique twist on the piano: Dulciano is a concert grand performed with dulcimer hammers. With a bright and beautifully evocative sound, carefully programmed responsive playability, and a range of customisation and sonic control to fit any musical style.

The Dulciano is a grand piano performed with dulcimer hammers, sampled in incredible detail in a modern concert hall setting.
This unique hybrid instrument produces a similar timbre to a dulcimer or cimbalom, but the longer strings and large soundboard of the piano gives the instrument a richer tone and longer sustain. The instrument also has a much wider playable range than a standard dulcimer or cimbalom (A0 to E6).

The Dulciano samples have been expertly mixed, so they sound great out of the box, and they are ready to use in your productions. However, we have also provided a few easy controls for shaping the sound further.

The colour control blends between carefully selected EQ settings under-the-hood, and allows you to dial in the perfect tone for your composition.

The damping dial controls the muting of the strings when a key is released, letting you control how long the notes decay.


  • Grand piano performed with dulcimer hammers.
  • 3 articulations: single notes, 1-shot rolls and sustained rolls – intuitively controlled by velocity and the mod wheel.
  • Deep sampled – up to 12 round-robins.
  • Recorded in a beautiful concert hall setting.
  • 3 microphone positions, easily controlled with the ‘perspective’ slider.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • 5.5GB download size (NCW compressed from an 11GB sample pool).
  • Runs in the free Kontakt Player (v7.0 or later). No additional sampler software needed.
This update completely replaces the previous version of the library –  the full set of samples and patches will need to be downloaded again. 





Fracture Sounds Dulciano.part1.rar – 2.9 GB
Fracture Sounds Dulciano.part2.rar – 2.4 GB

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