Fracture Sounds TRAILS KONTAKT

Fracture Sounds TRAILS KONTAKT

Enter the world of violinist and composer Alexander Parsons, with his collection of evocative soundscapes and string textures. This collection of unique performances also includes an incredibly rare Faulkner Dulcichord table-top piano and a newly designed Granular Synthesis engine devised by the team at Fracture Sounds.

The Fracture Sounds team has collaborated with composer Alexander Parsons to devise a set of tools and sounds that encapsulate his textural approach to composition. As a trained violinist with a background in Electronic Music, this collection of solo strings, synths, and unique performances shows the full spectrum of Alexander’s palette and tastes.

The solo strings in this library focus on long and short textures that can be combined to create tension and movement. The articulations are expanded with the brand-new Granular Engine, creating a huge array of possibilities and blurring the lines between acoustic and electronic performance. As with Zen: Meditations, this library also contains Layer Blends but this time, the team at Fracture Sounds and Alexander Parsons have assembled 28 synth sounds that can then be combined in thousands of combinations with the use of additional effects.

Trails is built to enable maximum sonic exploration with minimal effort, so you can focus on writing music with an inspiring set of sounds.


Protected: Fracture Sounds TRAILS KONTAKT
Protected: Fracture Sounds TRAILS KONTAKT

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Published: March 19, 2024

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