Modern Metal Songwriter NovaClip v1.0.3 [WIN+MAC]

Modern Metal Songwriter NovaClip v1.0.3

NOVACLIP – Advanced peak clipper | Unparalleled Aggression Meets Precision
Whether you’re looking to get the most smack out of your drums, enhance your guitar DI before an amp, or master your own music, clipping is a staple of modern, heavy music.

NOVAClip offers a wide range of features that enable you to effortlessly infuse aggression and consistency into your music, all without requiring extensive audio production knowledge.

Key Features
Crossover: Achieve an impeccably clean low end while still capturing the high-end punch that defines a clipper’s sound.

THD: World-class saturation at your fingertips, allowing you to add warmth and harmonic excitement to your tracks effortlessly.

Shape: Adjust the shape of the clippers knee, allowing for the ultimate control over your sound for any scenario

Auto Gain: Don’t get fooled. Adjust all your parameters without any change in volume.

Delta: Listen to ONLY the clipped audio, allowing you to hear exactly what the plugin is doing.

Latency Free: Enjoy crystal clear, aggressive mixing and mastering chains while writing, and recording.

Extensive Preset Collection
Tailor your sound to perfection with intuitive controls or utilize professionally designed presets by MMS.

These presets cater to drums, guitar, bass, and even mastering, ensuring you achieve unparalleled aggression in every aspect of your music.


ModernMetalSongWriter_NovaClip_1.0.3_macOS.rar – 77.2 MB
ModernMetalSongWriter_NovaClip_1.0.3_WiN.rar – 52.1 MB

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