Plugin Alliance AMEK Bundle 2024.05.14 [MAC]

Plugin Alliance AMEK Bundle 2024.05.14AMEK is a brand with its roots firmly rooted in the era of classic studio gear from the 70s, 80s, and onwards. From groundbreaking emulations of some of the most coveted EQs ever designed to classic studio compressors with unparalleled control. AMEK resurrects the legendary sound of studio hardware and brings it to your DAW with expanded, plugin-exclusive features.

→ AMEK EQ 200
The classic benchmark for clean and transparent mastering-grade equalization

• Transparent, precise, and detailed analog sound
• Five wide overlapping parametric EQ bands
• High/low-pass filters and shelves
• 7/15 dB switchable boost or cut for each band
• Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT)
• Adjustable Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
• Mid/side processing
• Sum your low-end into mono
• Automatically solo bands when making adjustments
• Scalable user interface
• Factory presets

→ AMEK EQ 250
A digital recreation of the original parametric EQ from Sontec

• Emulation of the Sontec MEP-250ex inspired by Dirk Ulrich’s privately owned classic unit
• A “Holy Grail” of analog parametric EQs that provides 5 wide-overlapping bands offering 12 dB boost or cut
• Switchable low and high shelving EQs
• Continuously variable HP/LP filters on each channel with musical 12dB/octave slope
• Brainworx´s TMT inside: Tolerance Modeling Technology (US Patent No. 10,725,727) simulates channel-to-channel variances in electronic components for the most realistic analog sound in the computer
• M/S Processing to tweak the sides and center of your mixes
• Stereo Width control to expand or reduce the stereo width of your tracks
• “Mono-Maker” sums your low frequency content to mono for focused, punchy bass response
• Scalable User Interface

→ AMEK Mastering Compressor
A digital recreation of a modern mastering classic

• An analog model of Dirk Ulrich’s privately owned compressor unit
• Offers a different way to approach compression, with unrivaled transparency
• Two True RMS detectors and one Peak detector blend together to respond intelligently to real signal energy
• Brainworx´ TMT inside: Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT, US Patent No. 10,725,727) simulates channel-to-channel variances in electronic components for the most realistic analog sound in the box
• VCA Clip control
• Ambience – lets you easily hear exactly what your compressor is doing
• Headroom control for gain-staging
• Detector Activity Monitor – Displays the relation between the three level detectors to visualize timing behavior and Threshold setting
• Auto Listen – To accurately position the filter in the frequency domain and to clearly hear the effect of the dynamics
• Mono-Maker – Sums your low-frequency content to mono, giving you focused, punchy bass response
• Stereo Width – To expand the stereo width of your tracks
• A separate Mono Version – for using the plugin on individual tracks such Bass Drum, Snare, Bass, Vocals etc.
• Scalable User Interface
• Artist Presets provided by Craig Bauer

→ Brainworx bx_console AMEK 200
A transparent, precise, and detailed TMT channel strip plugin for mixing and mastering

• Gate and expander from the bx_console AMEK 9099
• Sound of the AMEK Mastering Compressor
• Five-band fully-parametric EQ based on the AMEK EQ 200
• Four optional shelving filters
• Limiter module with VCA clipper
• High-pass and low-pass Filter module
• Multiple Filter and EQ module routing options
• 72 TMT channels (TMT—Brainworx‘s patent-registered “Tolerance Modeling Technology” (US Patent No. 10,725,727)
• Mono Maker knob to sum low-end to mono
• Stereo Width knob to narrow and widen your stereo image
• Input, output, and gain reduction meters
• Input gain, phase inversion, mute, pan, and output gain controls

→ Brainworx bx_console AMEK 9099
The pinnacle of analog consoles, now the most powerful bx_console plugin

• Brainworx´ most extensive TMT Console Emulation based on the legendary AMEK 9098i Master Console
• Feature-packed channel strip including a Compressor, Limiter, Clipper, 4-Band EQ, wide-ranging High Pass and Low Pass filters, and a newly designed Expander/Gate
• “Sheen” and “Glow” modes alter the behavior of the shelving filters for smoother boosts and cuts
• “Notch” function on the parametric EQ bands eliminates problem areas without affecting neighboring bands.
• Mono Maker offers control over low frequency stability by centering the sound image
• Stereo Width for expanding or narrowing the sound image
• Specially designed Noise Gate inspired by the legendary analog gear
• Gate Key Listen for hearing the signal at the gate side chain input
• Smooth & Auto Listen solos the frequency band you’re adjusting so you can hear every change in close detail
• TMT—Brainworx‘s patent-registered “Tolerance Modeling Technology” (US Patent No. 10,725,727)
• Artist Presets—Packed with professional presets to give you a great starting place for finding your sound

→ Included:
• AMEK EQ 200 v1.4.1
• AMEK EQ 250 v1.1.1
• AMEK Mastering Compressor v1.1.1
• Brainworx bx_console AMEK 200 v1.0.0
• Brainworx bx_console AMEK 9099 v1.3.1


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