Raw Loops GrooveSpecialists LogicFX Chains

Raw Loops GrooveSpecialists LogicFX Chains

Raw Loops GrooveSpecialists LogicFX Chains

25 Logic FX Chains designed for groove enhancement, containing everything from specialized delay fx set ups, modulators, rhythm pushers, and background beds. Take your grooves to new levels with these channel strips for Apple’s Logic DAW, beat layers is a technique used by many of the worlds top producers to create jackin’ grooves, special processing as these will make achieving unique rhythms a breeze.

Designed for drums, but we encourage experimentation on all elements of you records!


Delay FX – 5 FX chains to add-on to any groove to bring on the energy and funk.

Modulators – 7 loop modulator logic FX chains which will morph or loops and giving you automating bliss.

Rhythm Enhancers – 8 channel strip settings set on creating simple rhythms feel complex and ever-changing.

Backgrounds – 5 fx chain presets designed for beat bedding.

*Please Note: We recommend using Logic X with these channel strip settings, a few of the presets utilize the some legacy plugin versions, so compatibility with Logic 9 is possible but not guaranteed. The audio demo is a constant before and after with 2 bars dry and 4 bars wet, the sounds in the demo are from our sample pack Ibiza Underground.

25 Logic FX Chains

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