refx NEXUS4 Expansion Guitars 2

refx NEXUS4 Expansion Guitars 2

Guitars are the soul of any pop song, chart hit, or cinematic tearjerker. We heard your demands for another guitar expansion and answered.

Guitars 2 is here with countless playable guitars to add soul into your next creation. No matter whether you are looking for powerfully distorted, funky electric, nylon/acoustic, electric basses, or even heavily processed ambient guitars, it’s all here.

Recorded with top-notch microphones and amps, and complete with vast multisamples, velocity zones, and real life guitar fret noises, you will fall in love with this one in an instant.


XP Guitars 2128 presets

ARAttitude Run

ARBaglama Tremolo

ARBritish Accent

ARCountry Jam

ARCountry Jo


ARElectric Riff

ARHarp Heart

ARLo-Fi String Arp

ARNylon Riff

ARPizzicato Walk

ARPlectrum Section

ARProgression Generator (hold 3 notes)

ARRoad To Asia

ARSoft Bow

ARSoft Riff


ARZither Arp

BA5 String Slap Bass

BABig Bass

BADirect Bass

BADisco Bass

BAElectric Double Bass

BAFretless Bass

BAMM Bass Mutes

BAOverdrive Bass

BAPick Bass

BAPunk Bass

BAShort Pick Bass

CH12 String Strum

CHAcoustic Chords

CHAutoharp Strum

CHMuted Nylon Chords

CHSpanish Strum

DR808 Kit

DRDemo Drums

DRHeavy Drums

DRPower Drums

DRRock Drums

FXShred Dream

FXString Kahon

GTAcoustic Guitar

GTAgressive DC

GTAuto Harp



GTBlues Lead

GTClean Mutes

GTCool Electric

GTCopper Smoke

GTDives & Noises

GTDouble Cut 80s

GTDouble Cut Muted

GTDouble Distortion

GTDouble Mutes


GTExpressive Elecrtric

GTFirebird Chugs

GTGlam Rock Guitar

GTGrange Power Fifths

GTGuitar Child

GTHarmonic Bond

GTHeavy Power Chords


GTJazz Guitar


GTLate 70s

GTLeslie Guitar

GTMetal 1

GTMetal 2

GTMetal 3

GTMetal Chops

GTMiddle Eastern Pluck

GTMystery Guitar

GTNew Age Harp

GTNew Strings

GTNylon Strings

GTOld Tales Guitar



GTPalm Brigade

GTPizzicato Guitar

GTPopping Guitar

GTPower Chords

GTPower Horse

GTPower Struggle

GTPretty Strat

GTRecoil Strings

GTRock Chugs

GTRock Lead

GTRock On

GTRock Power Guitar

GTSG Power Mutes


GTScream Distortion

GTSharp Mutes

GTSpanish Guitar

GTSpanish Oud

GTSteel Harp

GTStrat Mutes


GTTemple Pluck

GTTight Strokes

GTTwelve String Electric


GTWah Range



PDPDr Swell

PDShine On


PDZen Guitar


SQ12 String Jam

SQ80s Ballade

SQA Metalic

SQAcoustic Guitar Riff

SQBass Harp

SQBusy Riff

SQCrunch Arp

SQFlamenco Percussion

SQFunk Lane



STCello Guitar

STDistant Bow

STEbow Strings

SYSynth Guitar


Protected: refx NEXUS4 Expansion Guitars 2
Protected: refx NEXUS4 Expansion Guitars 2

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Version: 2.0
Published: September 15, 2023

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