Toontrack NEW PRODUCTS [JAN 2024]

Toontrack NEW PRODUCTS [JAN 2024]


50 presets for EZmix 2 tailored for dark, gritty rock and industrial metal.

hat makes a great mix tangibly human and alive is rarely overly polished perfection, it’s rather the flaws, the dents and the patina. Exactly the latter is what this expansion for EZmix 2 brings.

Inspired by anything from dark and ambient goth rock to absolutely raw and pounding industrial metal, this collection features 50 unique signal chain presets for saturated, distorted, ambient and dark-natured productions. Expect drum presets that’ll turn your grooves into bitcrushed beat machines, settings for clean to vividly saturated guitar and bass, phased echoes, dwindling reverbs, warped ambiences and much more.

If you’re in the market for instant inspiration and a collection of presets that sits right smack in the vacuum between organic and electronic, this is the one. Get ready for an EZmix pack that’ll cut straight through the veneer of any raw material you throw at it and coat it in a viscerally dark, distorted and gritty aura.


50 effect chain presets for elaborate sound design and experimental mixing.

This isn’t an EZmix pack for neat reverbs or subtle delays – this is one designed to completely warp your mixes. With this, you’re one mouse click away from taking run-of-the-mill drum grooves and transforming them into vibrant, ambient and otherworldly-sounding beats, making your synths shine with tape flutter and added overtones or catapulting just about any audio source into an echoing and pulsating universe of sound.

Curated to work on any instrument or audio source, this collection of presets for EZmix 2 was designed to serve as a transparent canvas for sound design and experimental mixing way beyond the conventional. Based on complex chains of effects involving EQs, saturation and distortion as well as internal LFOs synced to your host’s tempo, each preset has limitless potential. Essentially, with this EZmix pack, you can turn something into anything.

If you were ever on the prowl for new inspiration and the perfect toolset to add a touch of the consummately bent, twisted and skewed to your mixes, this is it. Lend some new non-linear ideas and shape-shift thinking to your tracks today. Your creativity will thank you.


50 go-to signal chain presets designed to improve your metal mixes.

Galloping drums, walls of guitars, multi-channel basses, layers of vocals and often oceans worth of orchestral or ambient keys – a modern metal track can feature a daunting amount of channels. When facing one of these massive productions, the only viable way of getting an overview is by grouping and busing. This EZmix pack was designed to facilitate just that.

Featuring a total of 50 meticulously crafted custom signal chain presets for drums, bass, guitars, keys and vocals, this collection of mix-ready settings for EZmix 2 was designed to optimize and maximize the impact of each instrument group in your production before they all hit the final mix bus. But that’s not all, each setting serves a concrete purpose – and there are 50 of them. This means that you’ll have all the options you need to tailor your mix to perfectly meet your personal criteria. Whether you’re looking for a setting that makes your orchestral keys arrangement stand out, one that removes fizz and enhances your guitars, one that makes your drums punch through or one that optimizes the dynamics of your bass channels – with this pack they’re all just a mouse click away.

Before your next metal mix hits the digital airwaves, make sure you’ve done everything in your power to guarantee it crushes.


Protected: Toontrack NEW PRODUCTS [JAN 2024]
Protected: Toontrack NEW PRODUCTS [JAN 2024]

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Published: January 23, 2024

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