Rooted in some of the most influential vintage and modern synths, but remixed, heavily saturated and textured – this expansion for EZbass presents a collection of bass tones unlike anything you’ve ever heard. If you’re looking for an EBX where mint organic vintage vibes come head to head with cutting edge sound design, this is your new go-to.

For this EBX, six carefully selected hardware synth instruments were sampled as a foundation. From there, the design team added sonic layers of field recording noise, modular synthesis, granular module tones, foley and various other ambiences to create richly textured and multilayered bass tones. After that, all sounds were individually processed, saturated and patched through vintage hardware compressors, EQs and tube outboard for further organic warmth, grit and boost. The result? A patchwork of 75 hybrid synth bass sounds that covers the entire range from tight, plucky, clean and pristine to the thunderously drone-like ambient, dirty, distorted and aggressive.

In addition to the sounds, a fundamental collection of MIDI building blocks as well as basic, melodic and arpeggiated patterns unique to the product are included.

If you’re looking for a broad array of timeless bass sounds rooted in iconic synths but in all-new costumes, this EBX is for you. Get ready for some tweaked, warped, bent and twisted tones all designed to redefine your basslines whether they be for pop, electronic, ambient or anything in between.

  • Rooted in a collection of vintage and modern hardware synths
  • Layered, remixed and processed for unique and textured bass sounds
  • Ideal for anything from pop, dance and electronic to ambient soundscapes
  • Includes a total of 75 mix-ready presets in four categories (General, Aggressive, Creative, Plucked )
  • Detailed preset control with eight macro parameters
  • Comes with a custom MIDI library tailored for the instrument
  • Offering a range from A0 to E4


75 one-of-a-kind bass tones.

The included presets are organized in four distinct categories, allowing you to easily navigate your way to the type of sound you’re looking for. With eight macro knobs available in each setting, you’ll have granular control of anything from sub-bass level and overall effect saturation to high- and low-pass filters. In addition, a Warp option that drastically alters the tone by blending in different skewed effects, octaves or modulation is available in each preset. As always in EZbass, should you wish to adjust any of the knobs in real time with a MIDI controller, use the MIDI Learn feature. If you want to manually draw in your own filter sweeps and effect changes, you can assign a unique CC value to each knob in any preset.


Groove fuel, at your fingertips.

The MIDI content is organized in three separate songs featuring four-bar building blocks. In addition, one bespoke section each for Rhythm Patterns as well as Fills and Riffs are included. All of this material can be used either as starting points for new ideas or infinitely be edited, tweaked and customized to fit your songs by utilizing the profound framework of songwriting features in EZbass.


Protected: Toontrack SYNTH BASS EBX
Protected: Toontrack SYNTH BASS EBX

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Size: 3 GB
Published: June 4, 2024

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