510k Arts SEQUND Sequencer v1.0.1 [MAC]

510k Arts SEQUND Sequencer v1.0.1

SEQUND has quickly risen as our flagship product.

features two melodic lanes and a probability lane sequence allowing you to alternate between both melodies. Each lane has an independent length thus facilitating the generation of complex polyrhythms and evolving patterns with disconcerting ease. We’ve added Ratchet, Hold, Chance, Length, Octave, Transpose and 3 MIDI CC# lanes to make all this even more funky and flexible.

Whether you want to create exciting bass-lines with subtle variations or eccentric melodies filled with groove, SEQUND’s extremely intuitive interface instantly triggers your creativity process… Each user preset contains up to 12 patterns that can be recalled instantly via MIDI notes to allow pattern changes on the fly with seamless transitions and incredible timing.

The Transpose function is available before or after the scale quantisation, allowing you to shift your melody and always stay in key whatever you do, or act like a traditional transpose. The Transpose function is also controllable via MIDI notes, which means that you can transpose your sequence in real time via your keyboard whilst recording into your DAW. You can “play the sequencer” if you like and use it with Soft-Synths as well as Hardware Synths.

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