zPlane reTune v1.3.0 (MAC)

zPlane reTune v1.3.0

real-time polyphonic pitch correction for any audio material
gently shape up an out of tune instrument
or completely change the key of an entire song

Correct or manipulate the pitch of any audio material.
Gently nudge an out of tune instrument or abruptly change the key of an entire song.
reTune is a pitch manipulation powerhouse using zplane’s TONART V2 pitch detection technology.

It may sound like magic, but it actually works and works, and sounds great.
reTune can shape up the tuning of a single instrument or vocal recording.
It can change the key altogether and it can even do it on polyphonic recordings or full tracks!

reTune can detect the key of the music you feed through the plugin. With the key detected you can decide on another key for output and reTune will transpose and shift tones to match the desired key. You can manually set the mapping for each note if desired. Map all notes to G#? You got it.

For shaping the sound and pitch, additional controls include sensitivity of the pitch correction, transients shaping as well as a smoothing of the pitch contours.


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